A love story that blends a castle and a coffee roaster – Located in Modena, Italy, Caffé L’Antico is an historic Italian boutique coffee roaster focused on creating the highest-quality blends for coffee and espresso. Established by the Caglari family in 1909, Caffé L’Antico enjoys four generations of coffee passion and expertise. 


The emblematic symbol of the family and Caffé L'Antico, Castle Montecuccoli degli Erri, was built in 1490. From the 17th century to the end of the 18th century, the castle belonged to the noble Montecuccoli family. Over fifty years ago, a true love's romance between Maria Montecuccoli and Master Roaster Dante Caglari has forever blended these historic families and this symbol. From that point to present day the castle has remained in the family.  With this history begins the experience and journey that we hope to depict to each and every coffee lover: the place where atmosphere combines with art, aromas with history, and Italian hospitality with warm surroundings that will surely capture you.

At L’Antico, coffee is an art; and to taste it is an experience. To the five senses that make all the roasters professional, L’Antico adds the sixth – the heart.

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