Cold Brew on a Hot Day

Cold brew coffee makes for a delectable caffeinated treat on a hot summer day and it just so happens to be right on trend. Anyone from coffee connoisseurs to the average customer can appreciate this aromatic beverage. It has triumphed over regular iced coffee because of its strong caffeinated kick paired with a velvety mouth feel and less acidic taste. Cold brew coffee has become a asset for any cafe or restaurant that wants the competitive edge!

We have two options for cold brew infusion, the Toddy and the Yama. With Toddy the infusion is a breeze. There is minimal prep and clean up, yet the infusion is of the highest quality. If the goal is to create buzz around your cold brew, Yama is the show piece set up and makes the sight of your cold brew process something to behold. The taste results are as elegant as the look of this piece.

Cold Brew