Herbal Tea

Have Some Delicious Herbal Tea

La Dotta Coffee & Tea proudly offers the finest organic tea from Two Leaves and a Bud, a Colorado-based tea crafter. We choose to offer these black, green, and herbal tea and Chai latte mix options from Two Leaves & a Bud carefully because their environmentally respectful manufacturing techniques align with La Dotta’s commitment to responsible and environmentally sound business practices.

For La Dotta Coffee & Tea’s tea devotees, we offer a variety of tea sachets and organic loose leaf tea options. In addition to a comprehensive list of green and black tea varieties, we offer these specialty and herbal tea varieties –

Our Herbal Tea varieties are crafted from specialty organic blends and infusions of herbs, spices, flowers, and berries. Each of the herbal tea options we offer is caffeine-free.

Herbal Tea Blends

  • Better Rest – a blend of lemon, chamomile, and peppermint.

  • Turmeric Antioxidant – a blend of rooibos, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric and ginger, and more.

  • Better Belly – a blend of fennel and ginger, plus apple and mint.

  • Invigorate – a blend that invigorates that includes peppermint and lemongrass.

  • Hydrate – a blend of cooling properties that includes licorice, rosehip, and black currant.

  • Detox – a blend of fourteen ingredients that includes hibiscus, ginger, and spirulina, among others.


Herbal Tea


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