Tea For Sale

La Dotta Offers Organic Matcha Tea for Sale

La Dotta Coffee & Tea is proud to offer the finest organic tea grown and manufactured in Colorado from Two Leaves and a Bud. Two Leaves & a Bud carefully crafts their organic teas and tea blends using environmentally respectful manufacturing methodologies.

Two Leaves & a Bud’s environmentally friendly processes use tea sachets made from compostable plant-based materials. For La Dotta Coffee & Tea’s tea lovers, we offer a variety of tea for sale options.

Specialty tea enthusiasts can select from these options -

Other tea for sale includes –

  • Black Tea Options – the most popular of all tea varieties crafted with a four-step proprietary production method. There are twelve tea options, including Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and Mountain High Chai.

  • Herbal Tea Options – herbal teas are crafted from flowers, herbs, berries, and spices and are caffeine-free. Check out the 17 different herbal tea options from peppermint to chamomile to invigorate.

  • Green Tea Options –eight varieties of green teas are available. These include ginger, sencha, matcha mint, and jasmine petal, among others.


At La Dotta Coffee & Tea, we offer our customers free shipping on U.S. orders but encourage everyone to order early to ensure packages are received as planned. Our coffee and tea masters are available to answer your questions and concerns by telephone at 224-292-8932 or by email.